3 new bow ties with dots

Published : 08/08/2017 18:14:55
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Cranberry red bow tie with white chiswick dots

NOEUD Coton Burgundy red bow tie with witj white Chiswick dotsBurgundy red bow tie with white Montgomery dots

The dotted pattern, or "polka dots" in English, is composed of a series of repetitive points on a plain background. But where does the name "polka dots" come from?

Widespread belief is that the design was named after the polka dance which was very popular when the polka dots were introduced in the mid-1800s.
Many products from this period were then added with the prefix "polka" to make them trendier, such as polka-hats and polka-jackets.
But the polka dot pattern was the only one to keep the "polka" prefix that characterizes this simple and catchy style so well. 

Today, we offer 3 new bow ties with dots in different shades of red. A red bow tie easily matches with a plain white shirt with a cream, brown or black suit.
To complete your style do not forget to accompany your outfit with a pocket square matching your bow tie.

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