4 new bow ties with Paisley pattern

Published : 08/10/2017 19:32:05
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Every bow tie has a story to tell ...
When you decide to buy a bow tie, it's up to you to choose the one that has a story that speaks to you and that you like !

If you are looking for a truly incredible story, there's nothing like a Paisley bow tie with a sophisticated look.
When someone sees you with a paisley bow tie, he knows at first glance that you are a man with a good taste, an eye for detail and true self-confidence. That's the story told by the Paisley bow tie!

The Paisley or cashmere bow tie can be ideal for a formal look with a plain shirt and a matching outfit.
But it can also bring you a classic touch with a more casual outfit for example with a pinstripes or checks shirt, on jeans and why not with a leather jacket for an offbeat or hipster look.

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