6 Essential fashion rules for the bride and groom

Published : 07/26/2017 21:15:30
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You want to look great and look as elegant as your partner on your wedding day, so these few rules are made for you ...

As a groom, all eyes will be on you and your partner on the day of your wedding, where you naturally want to appear in your best light. But you are a little lost and you really need help to decide what to wear? Do not worry, follow our rules below for a perfect look when you say "Yes!".

Rule 1: Your suit or tuxedo must suit the occasion

First, your outfit must be tailored to the place and general mood of the wedding. If your wedding takes place during the day or outdoors, you can afford to wear something casual (think of lighter colored suits made of fabrics such as embossed or linen). On the contrary, if your wedding is scheduled in the evening in a ballroom or a chic hotel, use a dark suit, well-suited or a tuxedo.


Rule 2: your outfit must be coordinated with your partner.

Another obvious, but crucial advice: remember that your wedding is your first chance to show your style as a couple. Although you do not know exactly what your partner is going to wear, you want to be sure that your styles work together! So if her dress is a gold prom dress, you will not want to wear a light linen suit, but opt for a classic black tuxedo. Other combos work beautifully as a lace dress combined with a beige tailored suit, or a more elegant and chic modern dress with a tailored gray suit.

Rule 3: your figure determines the costume that must be worn

If you are tall and thin, most tuxedos and costumes fit well with your figure. If you want to add volume, try a double-row pack that emphasizes you. To reduce the volume, try an appropriate suit with a little pinch at the waist to create the impression of a leaner figure. And to extend the body (and add a certain height), wear a vest with two or three buttons positioned lower.

Rule 4: the adjustment must be perfect

Even the most expensive costume looks bad if it is not perfectly adjusted. You need to be able to move easily ... test your outfit by twisting and arm movements to ensure that you have good mobility to show your guests your dance skills. Regardless of whether you rent or buy, most stores offer customized custom services. Here are some basic rules:

- The sleeves of the vest should fall on your wrists by about half to an inch less than the length of your shirt so that it can appear.

- The bottom of the vest must cover your buttocks and the slit of the vest must not open. If that is the case, it means that it is too tight. 

- The collar should be placed flat on the back and sides of the neck without any holes or bulges.

- The pants should sit comfortably when you sit down and fall on the top of the shoes, covering the top third.

- A bow tie must fit perfectly around the collar.

Rule 5: Your look should be coordinated with your groomsmen.

Traditionally, groomsmen wear the same or similar clothing as the groom, but it's up to you. Even if you do not expect all men in your wedding to wear exactly the same suit or tuxedo, it is important that their outfits match those of you. This is not only for men, but your whole marriage must have a consistent style. To do this, try to associate your groom's style with that of bridesmaids.

Rule 6: Your accessories must make you unique and make you stand out.

Now that everyone is coordinated, it's time to choose your extras. To get a totally unique look, everything is in the details. Choose a special buttonhole, tie, bow tie, waistcoat and cufflinks in a different color or style. If your palette has two colors, you can wear one of the shades while the rest of the groomsmen will wear the other. For a luxurious party, ask groomsmen to wear a tuxedo with a black tie and a black coat, while wearing a white tie and a white coat. Do not be afraid to bring your personality into your outfit.

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