A necktie must be chosen with the utmost care

Published : 12/04/2016 21:16:04
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A necktie can be worn under different circumstances, on different occasions.

It can be worn in leisure, at work or for special occasions.

But one realizes that in many cases a necktie is chosen with certain nonchalance without really worrying about the real attraction of this very important clothing accessory.

First, choose the width of the tie

Even if you have chosen a beautiful pattern with an appropriate color it remains the question of the width of your tie, this is an equally essential point. The width of the tie should be tailored to your overall outfit.

Choisir se cravate: la bonne largueur, le choix de la matière et bien l'assortir

It is necessary to take your figure into account, the tie will have to be wider with a large shoulder span and finer with a narrower shoulder breadth. There is also an elementary rule to choose the width; it must be balanced with the lapel of your vest.

A tie cannot be too narrow or too wide, it must have a width that is suited to the proportions of the collar of your jacket and your shirt.

Choisir la largueur de sa cravate en fonction de la taille du revers de son col

Always think of the final result, the whole of your outfit.

If you have a modest shoulder width you should think of a narrow tie, also called "slim". If you have a wide morphology you will have to orient yourself towards a wide tie.

And it takes a beautiful knot

Likewise, your tie knot must also be proportional to your silhouette.

And a necktie must be nicely knotted. If the knot is not flawless all the effect will be lost.

Le noeud de cravate adapté à votre carrure et votre style

There are many kinds of tie knots, for example: the Windsor, the Atlantic, the Pratt, the Eldredge, the Trinity, the Military, and so on.

But the simple knot is the most widespread. This is the most used and easiest to make. It matches with most ties and almost all shirt collars. It is perfect for all silhouettes.

comment bien nouer sa cravate

It is also necessary to choose the fabric correctly

What fabric should be chosen? There are so many !
This question is just as important as the choice of color.

choisir la matière de sa cravate: soie, lin, coton, laine, et plus

Silk remains the fabric par excellence for the most elegant neckties, at the office or for important events. It is a noble and durable fabric.

A silk tie can also be worn for more casual activities if you choose a suitable color or pattern.

Choisir la matière de sa cravate en lin, coton, soie, laine

Wool is another essential fabric, as well as cotton or linen.

Each of these fabrics has its own characteristics that predispose it to combinations with certain outfits or that associate it with particular moments.

We sometimes forget the beauty of a knitted necktie in relaxed atmospheres or a linen tie on a beautiful summer day.

You still have to choose the color

A difficult choice that depends on various factors, the color of the shirt, the color of the vest, the costume, etc.

In any case it is necessary that the colors harmonize and it is necessary to know if the whole of the outfit must have a certain formalism.

choisir la couleur de sa cravate: bien assortir les couleur de sa tenue

Color reminders are paramount. A dominant color in your tie should have a reminder in another item of your outfit, shirt, jacket, pocket square. Care must be taken to ensure that all colors are harmonious.

To help yourself you can call upon a chromatic circle, which is an ordered representation of colors. It will be necessary to document you a little on the advice in complementary colors, contrasts and hues. If you wish, the Internet will allow you to find many methods about it.

roue chromatique pour choisir la couleur de sa cravate

But your good taste and a certain temperance will guide you as well in your choice.

If you look at your combination of colors and that intuitively you realize that you do not like it altogether, then it is not the right combination. If you have no doubt about your color combination, then your choice is good.

assortir s cravate avec sa chemise noir et blanc

It is something that can be seen and felt. People around you will confirm your feeling.

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