Accessories with a pattern

Published : 08/07/2016 20:35:27
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Accessories with a pattern

If you wish to update your look, it is necessary to know how to wear accessories with a pattern and how to coordinate motifs.

It is better to know some rules and to follow them to avoid mistakes.

Savoir comment porter et associer des accessoires à motifs est un point essentiel si vous souhaitez moderniser votre look.

Before going into further detail let us start with the basic rule:

If you choose to wear an accessory with a motive, it is recommended to do this with a plain outfit with basic components, because otherwise it would seem wrong. On the other hand, if you choose to wear plain accessories, you can bring them into evidence for example along with a shirt with flowers and dots pattern.

1 : It is useful to make repetitions of colors

This first rule is the most important of all : to mix different patterns they must have at least one color in common. A color repetition allows us to associate two different designs together and can be nicely complementary.

First option

Combine two patterns with the main color to bring out the color repetition.

For example: A burgundy red tie with paisley pattern and a burgundy red pocket square with white dots.

Cravate avec un superbe motif cachemire couleur rouge bourgogne ton sur ton. Tous les produits Pochette rouge bordeaux avec motif à pois blancs. Un accessoire tendance et original. Livraison en France, Belgique et Luxembou

Second option

Harmonize an accessory with a dominant color and the second accessory with a common color to achieve a more sophisticated style.

For example : a pink bow tie with a squares motive and a navy blue pocket square with pink flowers to repeat the color.

A tonal woven effect patternThis navy blue pocket square is available in pre-folded style

The colors should not necessarily be the same but they must appear close together so their combination becomes obvious.


2: Prefer a big and a small pattern

If you should choose accessories with patterns of the same size your style would may seem rather heavy.

For example: a blue bow tie with a tone on tone pattern of large flowers and a pocket square with a royal paisley motif in medium blue and white tones.

A poppy design in shades of blueA pocket square with a regal paisley design in shades of mid blue available in pre-folded style

3: Combine two identically printed garments

For a simpler and more classic style, for example to go to the office, you can combine accessories with similar patterns.

For example : A blue ribbon imprinted with royal paisley and a pocket square with a blue paisley pattern.

A regal paisley design in shades of mid blueA beautiful blue willow china pattern on cream available in pre-folded style


4: Choose a brightly contrasted garment together with a softer pattern

The choice of a garment with a contrasted pattern and another with softer tones is an ideal way to harmonize decorations. This gives an interesting and comprehensive style without exaggeration.

For example : a navy blue bow tie with pink flowers and a pocket square with a patchwork of geometric shapes in light pink shades.

Navy blue bow tie with pink flowersA pocket square with a patchwork design of triangles and squares in tones of soft pink available in pre-folded style

The can't-miss pattern combinations

1: Put together dots with a tartan or stripes

The round shape of dots compensates for the straight lines of the stripes or the tartan motif and this brings diversity to your figure. As mentioned above it is recommended to combine together a pattern with large dots to an accessory with a small line pattern, or the reverse.

For example: A burgundy red tie with white polka dots and fine striped braces in gray, burgundy and white tones.


Classic tie with white spots on a deep burgundy.Finely striped suspenders in shades of grey, burgundy and off white with gold colour clips

2: Consider stripes as being a neutral pattern

A pattern with stripes is easy to match with other decorations. Indeed, stripes go well with a paisley motif, a geometric pattern or also flowers. So if you would hesitate, go for stripes! 

For example: a necktie with gray and white stripes on a carbon black background and a pocket square with a steel gray on white filigree motif.

Tie with diagonal stripes in grey and white on carbon black.Pocket Square with a large filigree design in steel grey on white, is available in pre-folded style

3: Choose black, white, gray decorations

The combination of black, white, gray decorations is a perfect opportunity for beginners.

For example : a black tie with a white paisley pattern with a pocket square in a black and gray snakeskin motif.

An elegant decorative paisley print in black and whitePOCKET SQUARES DAHL IN SLATE

There are of course other possible combinations but with these basic rules you can now master the art of harmonizing patterns.

And now, enjoy yourself and do not hesitate to share your creations on our Facebook page!

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