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Published : 01/15/2017 15:03:30
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A wedding, a communion or a baptism ... these ceremonies are perfect occasions to dress your little boy as a small gentleman!

enfant noeud papillon mariage

From toddlers to teenagers, ties and bow ties for children exist in all sizes and also in many colors and patterns.

These accessories will be appropriately reserved for special occasions. How cute it is when the groom boy wears a bow tie or tie matching the color and theme of the wedding. And what a pleasure for your boy to be able to wear the same tie as his father!


The bow tie for children

Nowadays the bow tie gives a final touch to your little boy's outfit, a relaxed garment with quality fabrics that comes in different patterns or colors.

For the ceremony of the little boy, the bow tie is the accessory that you must have, to wear easygoing to the collar of a large shirt and comfortably in harmony with the color of the belt or the suspenders.

Our shop offers a large selection of adorable models for the outfits of your little guy from 2 to 5 years and 6 to 10 years (pre-knotted with an adjustable neck strap). Maybe you need help choosing accessories and combining them? Here are some of our favorites ...

A blue bow tie with a pattern composed of different green dinosaurs. Adjustable bow tie for children with yellow flowers on cream / white background. A red bow tie in velvet for children.Adjustable white bow tie with yellow flowers for kidUn noeud papillon rouge en velours pour enfant.
A bow tie for children with a plaid print in shades of blue and orange. Adjustable bow tie for children with pink flowers on a navy blue background. A royal blue bow tie with white, green and turquoise dots for children.Noeud papillon réglable pour enfant avec fleurs roses sur fond bleu marineUn noeud papillon bleu royal à pois blancs, verts et turquoises pour enfant


The children's tie

Do you want your boy to be as elegant as possible on a special occasion like a wedding or a reception?

Children's adjustable tie with pink flowers on navy blue background.

He will be adorable with a tie matching his outfit and the one of the bride and groom.

One also talks about a little groom boy. Traditionally these children are dressed in a similar way to create a beautiful overview around the bride and groom.

If the bride is in white and the groom in a dark suit, groom boy accessories can have totally different colors, think about pink, pale blue or lilac. These colors should then be recalled on the groom's tie and into the bride's bouquet.

Cravate réglable pour enfant avec fleurs blanches sur fond bleu.Cravate réglable pour enfant avec fleurs jaunes sur fond crème / blancCravate rouge vermillon en satin réglable pour enfant.
Cravate rose melon en coton réglable pour enfant.Adjustable burgundy red tie in cotton for kid.Cravate réglable pour enfant avec fleurs roses sur fond bleu marine.

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