Coral pink bow tie

Published : 05/20/2017 18:37:12
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Coral is this warm, soft color between pale orange and pink. This trendy color, which has returned a lot in recent years, has the effect of immediately giving your look a good appearance .

This elegant pink tone is incredibly popular for weddings, but also during the summer months. A coral bow tie is the perfect accessory for a man to add color to his outfits.


Now some tips and examples of successful styles:

The coral pink bow tie is an accessory that ideally combines with a blue suit and a white shirt.  


For a more casual and summer look, wear your coral bow tie with beige, cream, camel or gray.

And for the more extroverts, why not wear your coral pink bow tie with a beautiful black or dark gray shirt for an explosive contrast.  


You now have all the cards in hand to buy the best outfit that will go with your coral pink bow tie in different situations ... so do not wait and discover our many styles and trends in our online Haberdasher shop.

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