Paisley pattern

Published : 07/15/2016 16:41:26
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The Paisley pattern takes its name from the word "boteh" or "buta" ( "flowers", "shrub" in Persian). It represents a stylized drop of water or tear and it is a symbol of love and romance.

This original and elegant pattern is making a comeback in recent years. It is now used daily to add a touch of exoticism and sophistication to your outfit.

Indeed, the paisley pattern is a very detailed style that at times can be difficult to fit and that can seem excessive. So it is advised to wear as an accessory ... and it must be used properly!

Advice for your bow tie

A bow tie with a paisley pattern worn with a plain shirt and a matching costume can be a nice formal dress. It will bring elegance and refinement.

 Blue bow tie with Paisley pattern on white shirt and striped suit

But this kind of bow tie can also be worn on a shirt with thin stripes or tiles, with a jeans and maybe a leather or "casual" jacket, for an extraordinary look or a hipster style.

Advice for your tie

A paisley design on a tie is also great with a plain shirt and suit.

As in the case of the bow tie, this motif brings you elegance and refinement.


Red burgundy tie and pocket square with paisley pattern worn on plain suit

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