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Published : 10/09/2016 18:23:49
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During the 1930s the suspenders were part of the fashion accessories that almost all men wore with their suits. But since the men's braces have been abandoned in favor of the belts, and kept out from the men's locker room.

 Suspenders man style 1930 - Leonardo Dicaprio Gatsby the magnificent


The suspenders, a return at the top of men's fashion?

Suspenders have long been considered as an outdated accessory and dedicated for seniors. But it has been a few years since this accessory has returned to the forefront (supported by the appearance of Hipster fashion and the return of retro / vintage in our wardrobes) and seduces men again in the research for elegance, modernity and originality.

Appreciated for their obvious practicality. If the belt tightens your pants around your waist so that it does not fall, the braces offer the possibility to hang your pants at your shoulders by adjusting the height with precision which allows a perfect hold of your pants!

But today, men suspenders are also trendy, fun, modern, colorful, ...  thus an accessory to mix with (almost) any outfit.

Braces finely striped in shades of gray, burgundy and off-white with gold colored clips

Plain color braces are perfect to match with a chic and retro look. For a relaxed style, go instead to patterned or brightly colored suspenders.

More than just an accessory, the suspenders highlight your t-shirts and shirts with their patterns and / or colors.

There are many different styles of men's braces, for example, clamps braces, striped suspenders, Paisley pattern suspenders, wide braces, etc.

Choosing Men's Suspenders

1 / The choice of the material

Like any accessory we advise you to harmonize the material of your shoulder straps with your outfit.

For example, to avoid the lack of taste always opt for leather straps with leather shoes (and if possible in the same tones)! Note that the shoulder straps are subject to the same rules as the belt.

2 / The kind of straps

Button straps are elegant and bring you charm and presence. However, this type of braces requires to have pants provided for this purpose or to have buttons sewed.

Clipped straps are generally more modern and have the advantage of adapting to any pants.

3 / Width of suspenders

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing your braces ...

For a discrete and modern look you will opt for thin straps.

For best support, you should rather use wide straps. These shoulder straps are ideal for highlighting a wide body shape or when you want your braces to attract attention and highlight your shirt or t-shirt.

Wear men's suspenders with style

Suspenders for a casual style

Braces light gray with repeated pattern of diamonds with silver colored clips.

For a casual look we recommend the following outfit: a jeans with a plain, striped or checked shirt  of which you roll the sleeves up to the elbow. Then choose a pair of patterned braces if you chose a plain or reverse shirt (plain straps with a striped or checked shirt).

Suspenders for a classy and casual style

Carbon black straps with discreet white polka dots on straps and silver colored clips

For a classy but casual look we recommend a classic trouser with a plain shirt with short sleeves. Then choose braces with polka dots or stripes whose main color is matching your pants. Then complete your outfit with a pretty bow tie.

Suspenders for a classic style

Finely striped straps in shades of gray, blue and off-white with silver colored clips

For a classic style : no matter the costume prefer a plain shirt and a pair of braces matching your shoes.

In short, your braces must match the rest of your outfit. For this, it is necessary to make sure to match color and material. It is therefore preferable to choose complementary colors: black, dark gray or dark blue shoulder straps match with a black and white suit. For a blue top, the black, gray, beige or darker blue straps are perfectly suited.

Finally, although this seems to be much evidence, avoid wearing your suspenders with a belt!

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