The flower pattern

Published : 07/19/2016 13:43:55
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The flower pattern

Summer is finally here, this is the time for sunglasses ... and why not an accessory with a flower pattern that gives pep to your look and that allows nice repetition of colors!

Easy to match, an accessory with a floral pattern brings life to your look.

Easy to match, an accessory with a floral pattern brings life to your look.

Pattern with large flowers for a casual style

The choice of the pattern size is essential. An accessory with a pattern made of large flowers is a significant piece of your outfit. So you should associate your bow tie or your necktie with outfits consisting of "basic" pieces. If you are looking for an accessory that catches the eye you've found the right pattern, but be careful too many flowers can totally mess up your outfit.

Of course you should never associate an accessory and a clothing with large flowers together!

Pink tie with tone on tone flower pattern with black shirt for a casual styleBlue bow tie with tone on tone flowers with white shirt for a casual style

Pattern with small flowers for an elegant style

A tie or a bow tie printed with a pattern of many small flowers is delicate and distinguished. It can be worn without any risk to look shocking or to appear "coarse".

A ditsy floral design in cream and yellowBlue bow tie with pink flowers with white shirt and for an elegant style

Suspenders and braces with a flower pattern

Why not try a floral pattern for your braces? Unless they are discrete, flowers on your suspenders should be reserved for occasions. They are not easy to wear at work.

Vivid paisley in pink, orange and green on navy blue braces with gold colour clips.

Fairly easy to match, an accessory with a floral pattern can easily bring life to your look and is useful for making repetition of colors. These accessories are also great classics for ceremonies that often take place in spring or summer such as a wedding or a christening.

Whether you want a formal or casual look, you will easily find an accessory that matches your style.

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