The plain bow tie

Published : 03/07/2017 17:05:53
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The plain bow tie

A Plain bow tie is a chic and timeless accessory for a man wishing to express his personality through his outfit ... especially when paired with a pocket square.

Le noeud papillon uni est un classique indémodable de la garde-robe masculine

The absence of a pattern gives a sober appearance to this plain bow tie that makes it a classic for all occasions: from wedding to baptism through the traditional family meal.

But the plain black bow tie is an exception to consider for more formal ceremonies. In 2016, it still caused a sensation on the red carpet during the famous "Festival de Cannes". Celebrities such as Georges Clooney and Justin Timberlake presented themselves in their finest costumes, proudly wearing their black bow ties in styles reflecting their characters and personalities.

Justin Timberlake avec noeud papillon noir au festival de Cannes de 2016Amal et Georges Clooney au festival de Cannes 2016
        Justin Timberlake, festival de Cannes 2016
 Amal & Georges Clooney, festival de Cannes 2016

For a successful style and worked in detail, we advise you to match your plain bow tie with other accessories of your outfit. Why not try a pocket square or braces in the same tones with a discrete pattern? An ideal way to stand out and personalize your own style! Whether you're looking for a classic, retro, dandy or original look do not hesitate and opt for the color reminder.

Noeud Papillon classique couleur rouge bourgogne en coton Chic et tendance, idéal pour une soirée ou un mariageNoeud Papillon classique couleur primrose en coton

If you opt for this trendy accessory, be careful to buy a quality bow tie made from a noble material such as cotton or silk

A badly made accessory made of synthetic material could ruin your look with a "cheap" look

Ce nœud papillon rouge bourgogne est un hommage à «Dr Who». Le 11 Dr Who, Matt Smith, ne quitte jamais le Tardis sans son noeud papillonNoeud Papillon rose classique en satin Le grand classique de toutes les cérémonies

The collection of plain bow ties on the Haberdasher shop brings you a touch of charm in addition to a resolutely original look. They are all handcrafted in the UK and are already knotted and fixed to maintain their shape, they feature an adjustable strap adaptable to the waist your neck (hook and eyelet closure).

You will find high-quality models in traditional colors such as the black satin bow tie that is the star of the red carpets, or the cotton primerose bow tie that is often used for spring weddings. But the Haberdasher boutique also offers more vibrant and original colors for the dandies who are not afraid to assume a style like the yellow silk bow tie, the eden green cotton bow tie or the superb Fushia satin knot.

Do not forget that we deliver to you in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg!

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