Trendy mens accessories to be at the top for the holidays

Published : 11/29/2016 15:31:05
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noeuds papillon pour les fêtes de fin d'année

The end-of-year celebrations are approaching quickly and as every year you still have no idea what you will wear on D-Day.

For an elegant and trendy look while remaining simple, choose a tie or a bow tie with suspenders ... a very chic effect.


The tie: timeless and trendy.

Burgundy red tie with cashmere paisley motif for the end-of-year holiday seasonOrange pepper necktie made of liberty fabric with mustard braces for the holiday season


The tie is an accessory that usually makes think of a serious and formal impression.

You will have to select it carefully to be worn with charm and relaxation during the holidays. In the first place it is important to combine the accessory with a suitable shirt. For the holidays we advise you a plain wide collar shirt and a wide tie with pattern with a motif and a big knot, (Windsor style).

Necktie in burgundy red and gold. Elegance and charm for your ceremonies or a hipster look.Classic navy blue tie with white polka dotsDahl Slate Tie


The bow tie: a touch of fantasy.

Red burgundy bow tie with white polka dots for the holidaysGrey Blue bow tie with a triangle pattern for the end-of-year holidays.


If you are rather tempted by a more original style, maybe a little different, then do not hesitate any more and choose a  trendy bow tie for the party! First, if you opt for the bow tie, be prepared to assume it and not lose your temper after a few persistent looks.

For the holidays we advise you a bow tie with a pattern on a plain shirt so as it pleases  you.

Anthracite Gray and Gold bow tie with antique cashmere pattern.Yellow Bow Tie with cross stitch pattern in navy blueBlue Bow Tie with Flower Pattern Lancaster


The bow tie and tie: also for small gentlemen

Blue Children's Neckties with Pink Flowers for HolidaysBow tie with dinosaur drawings for the holidays

Adjustable bow tie for children with yellow flowers on cream/white background. The perfect accessory for a wedding with floral themeA blue bow tie for children with a pattern of yellow oval shapes on a bright yellow backgroundBlue Tie with White Flowers for Kids


The braces: a very chic asset

Striped braces in red and white for holidaysMens braces for the holidays


For the holidays we advise two styles with suspenders that are always successful : the "rock" style or the «dandy" style , elegant and dressed.

For the "rock" style prefer leather suspenders worn on a polo shirt or a shirt, with jeans and boots.

For the "dandy" style, choose colored braces with a plain pattern like stripes or peas on a plain shirt and a bow tie with small patterns in the same tones as your straps (but slightly different color for a better effect).

Braces with red, gray and white plaid pattern with silver colored clips.Suspenders with a superb cashmere pattern in pink, orange and green on navy blue background with silver colored clips.Quality braces finely striped in shades of gray, blue and off-white with silver colored clips.

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